Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toys and Books - Grand total today $2.25

I've been having the best luck finding vintage, pristine condition children's books! Today I got Three Little Kittens and Twelve Bells for Santa. And in the same place, I located a whole big bag of those little peg dolls, I thought they were Weebles, but I think not. Anyway, they were Erin's favorites when she was little, and what a selection I got. The whole bag for a quarter.

And they also had the little dump trucks and forklift and steam shovel that the little people ride in. I was thrilled. Hope Ethie and Stephen are when they come down. No matter what toys or art supplies we have on hand when they are here though, the all time favorite is still Grampa Jack's wastebasket. Ethan wears it on his head. They toss oranges/grapefruit/anything they can find into it.......I should just get them a wastebasket instead of toys maybe.
But I bet they have fun with this stuff too.


Erin K said...

Oh my heck! I can't wait to play with that! I love the doggie most of all. Are they called Lil' People maybe?

Anyhow they are great. The boys will love them.

Kim H. said...

Yes I think you have it right Erin they are Lil' people! The new ones look a little different! I wish I was coming to play too! We are big into playmobil :)

What sweet books! I love children's books!