Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hand Made Envelopes

First I'd like to note that this post introduces a new category label for us. Both Kim and I make lots of handmade items from our thrift finds, so we have decided that it's appropriate to share some pics of those too. We both do have blogs dedicated to our crafts if you want to see more. :) So the new category is "Thrift Creations".
And here is mine for today. I found this book at the flea market. (which was suprisingly fantastic this weekend, I could have stayed there all day) I then made this stack of handmade envelopes from the pages inside. There are tons more pages, I just did the ones for the 3 Bears story. Isn't the art on this book fantastic?


Kim H. said...

WOW what a great find! I love the envelopes!

Marina said...

oh, my gosh!!!! I love those envelopes! BRAVA!
I will have to make some, now :-)