Monday, November 16, 2009

International Santa Bonanza

I was thrilled to get one Int. Santa this weekend. But if you collect those guys and live anywhere on the Treasure Coast, better drive fast to the Hospice Thrift in St. Lucie West. I got eight new ones, in original packaging today. They are charging $3.00 each, but so many were ones I thought I'd never find that I started thinking I'd have to get them from Ebay. Except from there they start around $5 for what I was looking for, and then you get to pay twice that on shipping. Well, I did leave about FIFTY for anyone else. I'm just astonished. I've been wanting Latvia and Estonia forever!

Top row: Estonia, Romania, UK, Latvia. Bottom row:Germany, Patriotic USA, Russia's New Year's Eve Boy and Morocco.

I am a happy camper this morning! I also located a Billy Idol CD I think JB will love, and a Charlaine Harris book for Erin that I've never, ever heard of!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday at Goodwill

We wanted to walk the beach this morning but we found there wasn't much to see. The surf was so rough, there was little beach to comb. So since we were close to Stuart Goodwill, we decided to pop in. Boy am I glad we did! I scored $.69 International Santa (USA) for my ever growing collection of those. Then a great planter shaped like a seashell (guess I still had beach on the brain). Goodwill is charging lots more these days for books but friend Mary and I have both been searching for copies of The Orchid Thief. Well, My heart skipped a beat when I located a pristine, lovely copy this morning. Then I opened it..... SIGNED!!! And the final find as I was leaving, this great old Santa. He is about nine inches tall and makes me happy. What a nice Sunday morning break.