Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Shopping at my best Thrift Store!

So a few weeks ago (actually about two months now) we adopted a dog from the Humane Society Animal Shelter. Every few weeks they send me a survey about him and if I fill it out I get a $10 gift certificate to the Animal Shelter Thrift Store. (Which is my favorite one in town)
I went today and got the kids a weird wheel shaped container that is for storing matchbox cars, a pile of magazines and a few T-Shirts that have the Animal Shelter logo on them. Then I saw it. The most lovely chunky necklace ever. Two dollars! And it goes with almost everything I own. I really love it. I'm not a huge jewerly person, but I've been wanting to get a piece like this that would go with a lot and make a nice touch to my outfits. I wear a TON of solid colored shirts that are similar to this one. I mean I have like 30 shirts like this and 3 other shirts. So this is perfect. And it was FREE with my gift certificate! And I'll get another gift certificate in a few weeks! And I have a dog.

The dog is sort of a thrift find, I mean I got him used...
His name is Wilbur. I picked him totally based on personality. He is super gentle with the boys. That was pretty much my only criteria. He's friendly and super smart. He's pretty cute. He's also a bit of trouble. He is still a puppy (9 months) and he chews a lot of stuff. He also digs holes in the yard. I'm working on doing lots of training to keep his mind active to help with these problems. In good news the kids NEVER leave their toys out anymore! My home has never been more clean. And I never skip my morning walks. There is a huge difference in his behavior if I take him on my morning walk or if I don't.