Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goodwill Gurley Greatness!!!!!!

I was in the right place, at exactly the right time today. That would be Olso Road, Vero Beach, Goodwill, at just about 2:00 PM. The man is putting out a yellow bin of new stuff. And RIGHT THERE ON TOP!!!! a whole set of Gurley Thanksgiving candles. No wear, unburned wicks.... they did ink out the original price of ten cents on the little ones, and 49 on the big, but hey, I paid $3.70 for this whole group of real live Gurley candles!! I am over the moon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free, Pretty, Pretty Planter

I had my stepdaughter Katie with me yesterday, so Patricia , Katie and I headed out to a community wide flea market. I can't put in the photo of the delicious Woodland Pyrex mixing bowl we got for $2.50 because it's already full to the brim of leftover corned beef and cabbage dinner. We got a book and a pair of shorts to wear in the garden. But the story is, we are in the first aisle and a nice but frazzled lady grabs me and says, "are you the lady that just bought my golf clubs?" I assured her I'd just walked in, hadn't bought anything yet. A few aisles later she grabs me, "are you the lady that bought my golf clubs?" I told her, no, you already asked me. So she goes away. Finally we are leaving, outside in the foyer, and here she comes AGAIN! "Are you the lady.... oh, wait, haven't I asked you already a couple of times?" I assured her it was not me who bought her clubs! So she says, "But it was a lady in a brown shirt with her daughter.. just like you". Turns out that mystery shopper was so excited about the golf clubs, she left this darling porcelain planter she had paid for. The poor frazzled lady just gave it to me for free. She was totally relieved to be done with her search, and I am quite sure she really thinks I bought her golf clubs too. Ah well.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting crafty

I want to share a few things I have made with my thrift finds and a set of recycled glass!

First is a plain old record!

You can make a cool record bowl like this:

Super fun and easy to make- pre-heat oven at 200 degrees. Get a cookie sheet and an oven safe 9 inch bowl. Put bowl upside down on cookie sheet place in oven then center the record on top of it for 5 minutes. Take it out and shape it. Don't like how you shaped it NO problem but it back in oven and heat it up again and re-shape it. Records are super cheap at my local thrift store- 99 cents! Then you still have the album cover to use in another project, maybe a journal cover???? So, for my 99 cents I can made at least 2 cool projects! These would be so fun to use as a gift basket. Think of all the possiblities!

Another thing I think is super fun is to make a terriaum out of old jars that you get at thrift stores. Here is one that I made with the plants for around $2.00.

I took the lid of to get a better photo of it! Another sweet gift in my opinion!

Then finally, I will show you the glasses that I pick up for .49 each- I got all 4 of them that they had. They are made out of the bottom of a beer bottle! So cool and GREEN (in more than one way...lol)

Oh yes, that is Lil William that I got at the thrift store too! He is saying HI! He makes me laugh!

Have a great Friday!