Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting crafty

I want to share a few things I have made with my thrift finds and a set of recycled glass!

First is a plain old record!

You can make a cool record bowl like this:

Super fun and easy to make- pre-heat oven at 200 degrees. Get a cookie sheet and an oven safe 9 inch bowl. Put bowl upside down on cookie sheet place in oven then center the record on top of it for 5 minutes. Take it out and shape it. Don't like how you shaped it NO problem but it back in oven and heat it up again and re-shape it. Records are super cheap at my local thrift store- 99 cents! Then you still have the album cover to use in another project, maybe a journal cover???? So, for my 99 cents I can made at least 2 cool projects! These would be so fun to use as a gift basket. Think of all the possiblities!

Another thing I think is super fun is to make a terriaum out of old jars that you get at thrift stores. Here is one that I made with the plants for around $2.00.

I took the lid of to get a better photo of it! Another sweet gift in my opinion!

Then finally, I will show you the glasses that I pick up for .49 each- I got all 4 of them that they had. They are made out of the bottom of a beer bottle! So cool and GREEN (in more than one

Oh yes, that is Lil William that I got at the thrift store too! He is saying HI! He makes me laugh!

Have a great Friday!


Linda B said...

I love the idea of glasses made from old beer bottles!

grunge-queen said...

The record bowl is brilliant!