Thursday, February 26, 2009

Books and My Sad Camera

My wonderful husband is working "remotely" which means he works all day, but from home. They get to do that now and then and he always gets twice as much work done. But I try to stay out of his hair on those rare days he choses to do that. So I grabbed my friend Carol and we were only going to the Home Depot to "look" at flowers. Right. There are four great thrift stores right there within seconds of Home Depot. So, I got ANOTHER stack of books. Two things about me, I LOVE BOOKS, and I hate my camera. But anyway, Carol, who is something of a professional shopper (working in another career right now, but darn she's good) did not share our love of thrift stores. Till once I took her and she got two brand new thermos bottles for something like $2 each. She was stunned - and awakened to thrifty goodness. So today, we hit Goodwill, Dogs and Cats and St. Vincent DePaul. My "non thrifting" buddy got stacks and stacks of books! Stuff she wanted from the library and they never had in. Stuff she always wanted to read, but.... She is converted. She spent less than $10 today and it took a good while to unpack her thrifty goodness from my car. And yes. We got some plants. And soil, and manure, and paint and..... at Home Depot.

Anyhow, here is my today stack. The "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" is an old fave, but I only had it in paperback. And this one is still in plastic shrinkwrap. Hmm. And I included a shot of one of our bedroom walls, which probably won't come out (darned camera!) and you can see that I have to get new bookcases. Those are FULL!

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

You're going to love the book by Fannie Flagg! There are others with some of the same characters, don't miss 'em!