Friday, February 13, 2009

Rhinovirus Recovery Thrift Trip

I haven't been out of the house in over a week! I caught a really ugly cold. People who think we don't catch colds in FLA are just plain wrong. That was yucky! Anyway, thrifty friend Pat said we had to get out, since it had been at least twelve days since my last thrift! Plus we were dying for lunch at the Cracker Barrel. And boy was that good!.... I could not resist these beautiful shorts for my sister Sue, who's coming to visit all the way from Massachusetts, in June. I love them so much, I'm getting her two shirts, non-thrift, that will match from the local Bealls. Then... same store, Hibiscus House Treasure....(where everything is always at least 50% off the marked price) a great wool sweater for her husband Fran who is apparently out of sweaters up there in the north. Silk shorts and pure New Zealand wool sweater, total $4.00. I'm on a roll.

I found the two Corelle cereal bowls in a pattern I've never seen for $1.00 at a new place in Port St. Lucie, and along with those, this 250 count box of baseball cards for Jeff. Those were $2.00.

Then a quick visit to Goodwill who had one luncheon plate, Old Towne pattern for Erin's collection.

We were not ready to quit so we went to a new "antique emporium" in Fort Pierce, and I think I really scored there. Erin wanted a 2.5 qt Pyrex casserole with lid. Well, there it was calling me, the Crazy Daisy pattern that I believe is supposed to coordinate with her Corelle Spring Blossom.. Two and a half quarts, pristine condition with lid, for $8.00!! I think I did well on that. All the other Pyrex I see does not have lids. Or it's smaller, or scraped to death. Anyone think $8 is pretty darn good on that large casserole???? And I almost forgot, Erin's long awaited butter dish. Milk glass, perfect condition, $1.00 (??? hooray) at Goodwill.

Gosh, it's good to feel healthy again, it's good to get out and thrift!!!
And it was really quite thrilling to see our blog here mentioned on The Thriftshopper! One of our friends asked Erin, "is that you guys?" Yep, we enjoyed our little bit of fame there. I'm in mid south FLA. Erin, my daughter, is in Jacksonville. My stepson Jeff is here with us and with his mom in Stuart FL. Then Kim, our dear friend, is up in Wisconsin! I still stay envious though. Looks to me like the best thrifting ever seems to be done in Philly, Pittsburg, that general area.....


Erin K said...

GREAT finds.

I've not been thrifting in a few weeks, but honestly why bother when you will just get me everything I want? haha. No really I'm itching to thrift. I think next week I'll go.

I love the dishes and the casserole! And the butter dish is fab! I've never had one. I usually let my butter slip and slide around on a dessert plate for meals. Because I'm ultra classy like that.

Linda B said...

My dear! I taught you better than that! I have two butter dishes!(And I can't remember when I used one. Probably before they invented "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".) But hey, you are owning one now! Wooooohooooo!

Your new casserole is wonderful. I think you are really going to love it. And the little dessert cups from before I got sick? Well, we have used them here many times already. Too funny. Hugs, Your Mother.

Diane said...

True that thrifting can reenergize my spirit too! Glad that you are feeling better.

I saw your comment on Queen of Fifty Cents about a woman blocking the row of shirts and wouldn't let you by. SCARY! Why do people feel that they own the store?? I hope your next trip is friendlier :)

Linda B said...

Thanks Diane. Thrifting is excellent therapy. And one crabby person isn't going to get me down. I think the problem was hers, not mine.