Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fifty Cent First Editions. And Santa

Goodwill today had all the hardcovers for $.50 each. I got a few I've read and want to own now, two signed first edition Heller books (she is a fun read), and a neat coffee table style Heisman book for Brian, dear son in law, who complains I never get him thrifty goodness. I bet he will like looking through this one.

I also found the cute Santa pepper shaker for thirty cents. He looks happy. And is dated on the bottom 1960.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Thrifting in West Palm Beach

Everyone says that more and more people are shopping the thrift stores and it is true here on Saturdays. There was nowhere at all to park at World Thrift, Goodwill.....And the cars in the parking lot ranged from old trucks to new BMWs.

I still found a few good things today. Two paintings of flamingos, acrylics and very large. The huge one with the two birds, approx 3.5 ft by 2 ft. was $5.00. The smaller, (just slightly smaller) was $4.00. Unless I get decent frames on them, they will perk up our laundry room.

I found three great oval plates with blue and lime pagodas on them marked "Jackson China, Creighton's International Restaurant". I'll probably never find more of those.

One luncheon plate in Erin's green Corelle (there must be a huge gang out there collecting this stuff, it's nearly impossible to find now.) And three first edition copies of books I've always loved.

Pretty good day all around.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinnerware Addiction

I admit it. I have a dinnerware addiction. Thankfully I am allowed to collect Corelle for my daughter. But two friends just discovered their own Fiesta addictions. Hmm. So I started looking at Fiesta....and I'd almost convinced myself that I could live without it.

Today, five dessert plates for Erin in Corelle, actually four of them Woodland, which it seems, I now love too. She has an 86 piece set here in my den waiting till I go up to see her again....she does mix and match solid colored border, no rim, pure white background....

Anyway, in a thrift store, I fell over. Real live Fiesta! We needed bowls. I have wondered what brand, what color.... all that ended today when in Hibiscus House Treasure... four real Fiesta, in the pale yellow, "rim soup plates" for..... $12.00 the lot. Perfect condition! I have never seen real Fiesta in a thrift I am happy. And now, I am probably addicted to Fiesta. Worse, probably the "retired colors"... argh! These will work for stew, pasta, soup, salad....... I am happy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Corelle for Erin, Super Score!

Today I found, at an antique mall, a thirty five piece set, for Erin, of her beloved Corelle, Spring Blossom!!! It was wildly CHEAP!! And had the saucers and teacups, and they would not sell me the set without them.... but I guessed, ELF can find a way to use them, or make a wonderful gift basket of the cups and saucers...... Anyway, Spring Blossom all, including the very, very rare serving bowls... Two??? and, the Pyrex gravy/sauce boat and matching gravy boat plate?? We went to another antique store after this and saw the gravy boat and gravy plate, for $14.99 each right after I made this SCORE! Seriously, for the thirty five piece set, I paid almost what the gravy plate cost!!!!! Wild score. There are dinner plates galore, luncheon plates... the smaller (fruit) bowls...... Amazing find.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SCORE!!!! Corelle for Erin

So Erin was in love with Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom Corelle and I got her some a few months ago. She loves the 70ish Corelle so much, she's decided to mix and match it like some do Fiesta. Opened up whole new worlds of thrifty fun for me. BUT, it has to be the white based smooth! And no cups, mugs, etc. No saucers. But a butter dish would be wonderful. So today at Goodwill:

and Dogs and Cats Forever, it's CORELLE DAY!!! (Not anymore because I got her twenty one pieces...) Every piece $.49. What a deal.

In Butterfly Gold: 4 cereal bowls, 5 lg dinner plates, 3 luncheon plates which are hard to find and one lonely dessert plate. AND, in the blue Corelle Oldtown, 4 dessert plates. Then the big score, 4 Corelle Burgundy, which I've never seen in person, only on the websites.

Friday, January 16, 2009

International Santas

I found all three of these International Santa Claus Collection figures at the Goodwill yesterday. All perfect condition and still in their boxes - from left to right, The Three Magi SC19, Santa Claus SC65 New Zealand, and St. Nicholas SC48 Poland! Only $1.59 each!!! I had a few already from long ago and couldn't believe I was able to get these at this price.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitten Update - She is Half Manx!

Turns out we are keeping the kitten. We are "kitten smitten". It is awful. We love her and she loves us. And she's made great friends with the other three cats.... Of course, now that we are all in love here, two sets of friends, and even our vet- want the kitten. Her name is now Gypsy, Sneeky Pie Brown. Jack and Erin named her... we just call her Gypsy. "She came from far away with pictures in her eyes...." Our vet says she never was a long tailed cat, she is MANX! How funny. We didn't know, we just worried about her bob tail! He says by body shape, coat, face, personality... She was born with one tail vertabrae. No old wound there! (thanks for that, we always wondered....). He says if she were show Manx, she'd not even have that short stub. But apparently, her mother or father was a non-Manx.

Also turns out she's never been spayed.(no real surprise there) She now has all her shots and was to go in for spaying, but ...went into heat instead! Nice. Constant howling, there is nothing we can do to comfort her.... and then more howling. Great. Spaying is set up for Jan 22. The Doc says she will be fine. Argh! And we are really in love, because mostly, we are okay with this howling!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thrifty shopping, and Mom's buying!

Mom is up and we hit the thrift stores. She found some Shenango China dishes. Apparently they were quite the find.
Here they are all so you can see thier tops.
I found this adorable mushroom wall hanging. Mom hates it, but she doesn't have to have it.
I also found this skirt. Well technically mom found it but it fit me so I win.
And we found this cute kid. No wait we had him, Mom found the chair, got me two of them. I love them. Solid oak. They were $5 each. Cha Ching!
And the rest of my loot, some pillow cases to cut up and sew, few b ags of polyfill and T shirts for my kids.
We also got the boys linen covered boxes for their "treasures" Gotta have somewhere for those. Oh and mom got me some capri pants too. I'm spoiled. We all knew that. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

FLA and MASS Clothes for Sue!!!

Okay, today I got the best ever sweater for Sister Sue. Croft and Barrow and only $4.00. Then went to Vero poking around and got a great new outfit, top, capris and a Fossil bag, all together $6.00!!! She is going to be styling down here in FLA this year!!!