Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Corelle for Erin, Super Score!

Today I found, at an antique mall, a thirty five piece set, for Erin, of her beloved Corelle, Spring Blossom!!! It was wildly CHEAP!! And had the saucers and teacups, and they would not sell me the set without them.... but I guessed, ELF can find a way to use them, or make a wonderful gift basket of the cups and saucers...... Anyway, Spring Blossom all, including the very, very rare serving bowls... Two??? and, the Pyrex gravy/sauce boat and matching gravy boat plate?? We went to another antique store after this and saw the gravy boat and gravy plate, for $14.99 each right after I made this SCORE! Seriously, for the thirty five piece set, I paid almost what the gravy plate cost!!!!! Wild score. There are dinner plates galore, luncheon plates... the smaller (fruit) bowls...... Amazing find.

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Erin K said...


I really am excited!

Brian said: "oh, cool"