Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thrifty shopping, and Mom's buying!

Mom is up and we hit the thrift stores. She found some Shenango China dishes. Apparently they were quite the find.
Here they are all so you can see thier tops.
I found this adorable mushroom wall hanging. Mom hates it, but she doesn't have to have it.
I also found this skirt. Well technically mom found it but it fit me so I win.
And we found this cute kid. No wait we had him, Mom found the chair, got me two of them. I love them. Solid oak. They were $5 each. Cha Ching!
And the rest of my loot, some pillow cases to cut up and sew, few b ags of polyfill and T shirts for my kids.
We also got the boys linen covered boxes for their "treasures" Gotta have somewhere for those. Oh and mom got me some capri pants too. I'm spoiled. We all knew that. :)


runningonink said...

Oh what a score! I have one of those green plates. It the pass the plate JoAnn and I use! SMILE!

Looks like you ladies are having way to much!

Linda B said...

We have a great time together anyway, but add in the thrifting, and we almost always SCORE! Those oak chairs are to die for!

Linda B said...

MMMTs??? Wall hanging??? I am pretty sure that is a cutting board. And a pretty bad one...

Kidding. If you love it, get it!

I love you. I hate that cutting board.