Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitten Update - She is Half Manx!

Turns out we are keeping the kitten. We are "kitten smitten". It is awful. We love her and she loves us. And she's made great friends with the other three cats.... Of course, now that we are all in love here, two sets of friends, and even our vet- want the kitten. Her name is now Gypsy, Sneeky Pie Brown. Jack and Erin named her... we just call her Gypsy. "She came from far away with pictures in her eyes...." Our vet says she never was a long tailed cat, she is MANX! How funny. We didn't know, we just worried about her bob tail! He says by body shape, coat, face, personality... She was born with one tail vertabrae. No old wound there! (thanks for that, we always wondered....). He says if she were show Manx, she'd not even have that short stub. But apparently, her mother or father was a non-Manx.

Also turns out she's never been spayed.(no real surprise there) She now has all her shots and was to go in for spaying, but ...went into heat instead! Nice. Constant howling, there is nothing we can do to comfort her.... and then more howling. Great. Spaying is set up for Jan 22. The Doc says she will be fine. Argh! And we are really in love, because mostly, we are okay with this howling!

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Erin K said...

If Stephen wasn't allergic I'd take her from you.

In a Green Christmas bag.