Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinnerware Addiction

I admit it. I have a dinnerware addiction. Thankfully I am allowed to collect Corelle for my daughter. But two friends just discovered their own Fiesta addictions. Hmm. So I started looking at Fiesta....and I'd almost convinced myself that I could live without it.

Today, five dessert plates for Erin in Corelle, actually four of them Woodland, which it seems, I now love too. She has an 86 piece set here in my den waiting till I go up to see her again....she does mix and match solid colored border, no rim, pure white background....

Anyway, in a thrift store, I fell over. Real live Fiesta! We needed bowls. I have wondered what brand, what color.... all that ended today when in Hibiscus House Treasure... four real Fiesta, in the pale yellow, "rim soup plates" for..... $12.00 the lot. Perfect condition! I have never seen real Fiesta in a thrift store..so I am happy. And now, I am probably addicted to Fiesta. Worse, probably the "retired colors"... argh! These will work for stew, pasta, soup, salad....... I am happy.

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runningonink said...

Oh you lucky gal you! I love it! Awesome price!