Monday, September 29, 2008

More crafty at the same place.

I need to save "I got all this crafty goodness at the Humane Society thrift store" somehow so I don't have to type it. Maybe we can use IGATCGATHSTS? hmm maybe not.
Glue sitcks. I host a craft playgroup and we need lots of these. Random things. Silver and gold cording stuff for Mom's Santa bag she wants me to make. (Mom, silver or gold?). Also those clips are for holding the binding when I'm ready to sew that on a quilt. and a tiny green spring loaded embroidery hoop.
All pillowcases are 50 cents, even if they are hand embroidered in a darling bear pattern.
I know this woman who collects these... Is this a good one?
More pillow cases. I'm for sure going to let Stephen use the sports one, I might use the others for the fabric.
And I'm going to back a quilt I'm making Ethan with this fabric:
Close up:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recent finds, in a crafty way.

A lot going on here.

I got a weird appliance cover at my thrift. It was 50 cents. It had the BEST fabric. Brown grapes, green strawberries. It didn't fit on anything I wanted to put it on. So I sewed it into this little clutch bag. (made the piping with a thrift find, pics of that in a moment) Mom got this deer a while ago. He had no eyes though. Which made him look like a zombe deer and sorta creepy. So I painted him some new ones. He's for pulling a sleigh and Santa and all.
close up of painted eye. Oh and the deer is stuffed with straw!
I also got these random goodies. Mostly embroidery thread and pearl cotton thread here. That might not be how you spell the pearl in pearl cotton? Anyhow here it is. The ball of string I'm using to make piping. I LOVE piping.
This is the fabric. I'm going to make it into some monkey plushies for little girls that I know are either about to be, or just born.
This came with the string stuff. Something about this is sad. I'm sure this took a while to make, then they abandoned the project and gave it to the thrift shop. Then I purchased it for 25 cents with the ball of string. I'm not sure what I will do with it. I don't really want it, but I can't bring myself to throw it out. Anyone want a tiny little crochet string thingie?
This might be my best find of the day. It's a vinyl apron. Apparently from Herrods Department Store in London. or maybe just made to look like that.

Close up:
Tag, see is SAYS Harrod's. So maybe is is from there. My guess is it was part of some promotion or something. "Free apron with $50 of kitchen garbage." something like that.
Another close up.
And a final close up:
And there you have it. Another great day at the SAME thrift store I always go to. There are like 20 in town, I go to one all the time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One That Got Away (and one that didn't)

First of all, no photos today. I can't tease Erin anymore. Know this, I went back to Holy Family and got lots. She will be happy. But no interfacing. Apparently someone else figured out that $2 a bolt is a good deal.

The one that got away: I am in Goodwill. This lady walks by with a vintage white basketweave Wilson WilHold sewing box, STUFFED with thread, embroidery thread....for $3.59! I followed her around the store, lurking almost. She finally put it down to show someone and I pounced. Actually I very nicely asked if she was really attached to the box or just the stuff inside, planning to buy it and give her all the stuff so I could have the box. No way. But we were really nice about it and she REALLY feels she has a bargain now. And boy, does she ever have one. Boo hoo.

So I am sitting on the patio unloading the latest haul from Holy Family and seeing just what I got when I realize the cat under my feet is freaking out. A pygmy rattlesnake in all it's glory, trying to bite her and shaking it's little tail just like National Geographic. Thankfully Jack came running, the cat and I are safe, and THIS is the one that didn't get away.

Thrift Gift for Erin!!!

I had planned on saving all this fabric to surprise Erin, but can't stand it. I have to show you (and her) now. Yards and yards of great fabric and another bag stuffed full of crafty stuff, all total a whopping $9. The large photos are Key West HandPainted fabrics. Apparently very, very pricey but mine was two yards each for $1.!!!!!!! The story is at Holy Family Thrift that a lady passed away and they got the entire contents of her craft room. And there's loads more not priced and put out yet!!! I will be back there over and over in the next couple of weeks.

Instant rebate....

Yesterday I went to Goodwill and got a couple of shirts and a couple Halloween items:

* Wilton silicon cupcake tray in ghost shape- 99 cents

* Matchbox haunted house- $1.99

Now for the instant rebate part of my thrifting. My husband had went to Goodwill a few days ago got a pair of Camo pants for hunting. These are GI issued pants. He paid $4.99 for them. Today he went to wash them. As he was checking pockets (Yes I have him trained well). This is what he found:

We both got a good laugh! Hope you do too!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Christmas Goodies

I stopped at the Vero Humane Society Thrift and finally hit the jackpot. Seems like it's been weeks since I found anything! Remember the aluminum Christmas tree Patricia gave me? These glitter covered glass balls will be great on that. And the red bells and one silver one are the original 60's ones like others I've collected. And best of all? That sweet pixie. I love those guys.

All this, $1.00.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fabric goodness

Here is what I got today. That pink thing is a HUGE amount of pink felt. The yellow stuff all matches, so I see some fun tote bags being made with it. The soft blue I'm going to use to back a quilt I'm making that is white and country blue. All this came to $10. My thrift store has raised it's prices. But still a good deal.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekend finds

This weekend the hubby and I did a little thrifting! He went to an auction and I went to the thrift store! Together we spent under $20 :)

1. German candy tin
2 and 3. Pottery
4. Horse shoe- for good luck
5. Paints- think they are from a starving artist sale
6. Gum ball machine
7. McCoy pottery

Happy Thrifting! Hope you can find some good treasures!