Friday, September 19, 2008

One That Got Away (and one that didn't)

First of all, no photos today. I can't tease Erin anymore. Know this, I went back to Holy Family and got lots. She will be happy. But no interfacing. Apparently someone else figured out that $2 a bolt is a good deal.

The one that got away: I am in Goodwill. This lady walks by with a vintage white basketweave Wilson WilHold sewing box, STUFFED with thread, embroidery thread....for $3.59! I followed her around the store, lurking almost. She finally put it down to show someone and I pounced. Actually I very nicely asked if she was really attached to the box or just the stuff inside, planning to buy it and give her all the stuff so I could have the box. No way. But we were really nice about it and she REALLY feels she has a bargain now. And boy, does she ever have one. Boo hoo.

So I am sitting on the patio unloading the latest haul from Holy Family and seeing just what I got when I realize the cat under my feet is freaking out. A pygmy rattlesnake in all it's glory, trying to bite her and shaking it's little tail just like National Geographic. Thankfully Jack came running, the cat and I are safe, and THIS is the one that didn't get away.


Kim H. said...

Well sometimes they just get away! I found a brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer the $250.00 for $6.99 I missed it by about 2 seconds! Dang it all!

So glad that kitty and you are safe! I hate snakes!

Erin K said...

so you mean I'm going to have to purchase interfacing retail like some sort of normal person??

Oh interfacing deal snatchers of the Treasure Coast, why did you take BOTH bolts. (course I would have taken both bolts)

A snake INSIDE the patio area?? Unautorhoized.someone tell the very large black snake to hide for a while till Jack The Snake Killer calms down.