Friday, September 19, 2008

Thrift Gift for Erin!!!

I had planned on saving all this fabric to surprise Erin, but can't stand it. I have to show you (and her) now. Yards and yards of great fabric and another bag stuffed full of crafty stuff, all total a whopping $9. The large photos are Key West HandPainted fabrics. Apparently very, very pricey but mine was two yards each for $1.!!!!!!! The story is at Holy Family Thrift that a lady passed away and they got the entire contents of her craft room. And there's loads more not priced and put out yet!!! I will be back there over and over in the next couple of weeks.


Erin K said...

holy heck!!! I love it! You gotta go back and buy every scrap of it.

Kim H. said...

WOWZERS what an awesome find! Erin K is going to be sewing up a storm! SMILE!