Monday, September 29, 2008

More crafty at the same place.

I need to save "I got all this crafty goodness at the Humane Society thrift store" somehow so I don't have to type it. Maybe we can use IGATCGATHSTS? hmm maybe not.
Glue sitcks. I host a craft playgroup and we need lots of these. Random things. Silver and gold cording stuff for Mom's Santa bag she wants me to make. (Mom, silver or gold?). Also those clips are for holding the binding when I'm ready to sew that on a quilt. and a tiny green spring loaded embroidery hoop.
All pillowcases are 50 cents, even if they are hand embroidered in a darling bear pattern.
I know this woman who collects these... Is this a good one?
More pillow cases. I'm for sure going to let Stephen use the sports one, I might use the others for the fabric.
And I'm going to back a quilt I'm making Ethan with this fabric:
Close up:


Kim H. said...

Great finds! I love the embroider pillowcase! Gorgeous!

Linda B said...

Lucky day for you! Good stuff. I'd like gold for the Santa bag. And that is a great dishtowel. That fabric is going to be perfect for Ethan's quilt. You had a lucky find today.