Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mostly Books

I recently decided that it's silly how I keep checking out the Laurel K Hamilton books out of the library over and over. So I want to own them. ALL of them. The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter ones and the Merry ones. I don't like short stories, so none of those.
I have these great bookcases that are half empty, so it was time to hit my thrift stores for books. (note the thrift find mushroom, which Mom hated, and all my Atlas books, also thrift)
Me and the kids have been sick so I only did one store today. I got all these. (Oh Mom, I want the Mammoth Hunter books now too. I apparently have Plains of Passage) The Feast for All Seasons and the Stephen King one are for mom. I got TWO Hamiltons! And oddly they are both from my library and discards... I wonder if there is a list I can get on, "If you discard any more Hamiltons please call Erin because she wants them" list? I also got this shirt. Not much to look at, but I have FOUR skirts that needed this shirt. You know, to make them winter wear.
Here is one of the skirts. I decided it works with my Ireland tee shirt too but the cream looks even better and will carry it to church for me. I share the skirt pic because that's also a thrift find... as is the table and chairs in this pic. LOTS of thrift stuff here at Casa De Kellogg. (Stephen took this pic, I think he took it at the most unflattering angel ever. I promise I look skinnier than that in MY mind at least. I thought I looked pretty hot today... ) All my finds (well the books and shirt, I can't keep track of tables and odds and ends like that in photos) are from the Humane Society Thrift Store on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. It's an awesome store. They did paint over the awesome mural though. I keep forgetting to ask why, it was BEAUTIFUL.


runningonink said...

Books are awesome! I think I need a book case! Your shirt is adorable!

Linda B said...

Thanks for getting me the Stephen King and the Anne Rice! Two I did not own before! I am pretty happy about your trip. I was at the dentist. Annual cleaning, checkup. Just plain gross. But, it's over now and I can relax. I can't wait to get back to your area and thrift heartily!. Much love....MMMTsssXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOO