Monday, February 16, 2009

Thrift Store Ambiance

I got caught up this morning on that addictive website The ThriftShopper. Some people were telling awful stories about nasty smells and dirty things found in the local thrift stores. Well, we must be lucky here on the Treasure Coast. I've never run into the awful dirt these folks are talking about.
But I do have one neat story to share. I was in the Goodwill store a few months ago. This shabby, confused looking young man walks in and goes to the back, to where someone had donated a beautiful piano! ($150, bet it didn't last long). This guy sits on the bench --- and started to play the most wonderful music! It wasn't long before people were all gathered around just listening to him. He played for about half an hour, then got up and walked out of the store. It was just amazing! I think about him from time to time and wonder who he is, if he's okay.....what a talent.


Erin K said...

Wherever he is, I hope he has a piano. Can you imagine carrying around all that talent with nothing to play?

grunge-queen said...

Great story; nice to find a different kind of inspiration in the thrift store. I get all my clothes at thrift shops and know exactly the type of small others have referred to - it's not so pleasant but eludes description ... Nothing that a good wash won't cure though, and it never holds me back! Happy thrifting - please look into having a Followers link so I can sign up!

Linda B said...

Grunge-queen, thanks for your comment! I too get lots of my clothes from the thrift stores. I figure even if you shop retail, once you wash it, it's used, and most things are better after a good wash anyway.
I'm a beginning blogger. My daughter is the mastermind behind this blog effort. I shall have to ask her about a follower's link. Actually I need her to sit with me and do a whole blogging tutorial! Thanks again.