Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Garden Art, Indoor Art and More

I didn't even think I felt like hitting the thrifts today, but I am so glad I did it! Great new shirt for me in the prettiest colors, with palm trees on it. The usual pile of books, one new Hamilton for Erin's collection. Then I found this neat tin which I bought (fifty cents, I mean really!) just because the colors are beautiful. Then at a used furniture store I found these three stone birds! That thing weighs a ton, and is going either in the garden or maybe on the pool deck. Finally and maybe my favorite thing of the day, this old watercolor print of pansies. The paper on the back says "A Turner Wall Accessory" over and over on it. Does that make it a "Turner print"? I didn't really care, It is beautiful and was just $7.00. So.... happy day for me!
I have to get a new camera soon, this one just isn't doing what I want. And I apologise, Gypsy Kitten seems to have found her way into at least two photos. She loves when I bring new things into her home. Grocery day is beyond thrilling for her.

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runningonink said...

Oh you did good! I love the tins, so pretty!