Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gump in English and Cap and Plate

Today, I had to go to Stuart on business. And there are great thrift stores there, so Pat joined me. She got a very cool Hello Kitty umbrella and a good quilt book. I was so happy to be done with my business, I enjoyed the thrifting later than she did. ( Or else Erin, I would never have let her get away with a 50 cent Hello Kitty Umbrella!!!) Anyhow, I got a neat book for myself, no photo, and I got Jeff an English version of Winston Groom's "Gump Ka Kumppani". Too funny, he got it on vacation because of the "Gump" in the title, and I found it later... anyway, one of his favorite movies. Turns out, this is the sequel to Forrest Gump. He will be thrilled.

And, I found a ball cap. Jeff wears them from time to time, but for a whole dollar, I got it. "Brown and Brown" turns out to be an insurance company specific to the real North. Anyway, Jeffrey, today was all about you.

And the plate: My pattern but pastel green. Hmm... And really Buffalo China. Pat found it to give me and says, "Well honey, it's Florida Green".... That works for me.

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