Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random thrift junk

We decided to stop in the Animal Shelter Thrift Store today on the way home from lunch and found all this great junk:
Stephen has actually been wanting this silly carrot for some time. Not sure why? Today I finally let him have it, if you want a 25cent carrot for long enough I'll buy it for you.
And what do you do with an enormous white tiger? You give it to this guy! Ethan has a huge collection of tigers, but this is his first white one.
Other than that I got a bunch of random books, Brian got a few ties and I got one length of cute fabric. Not a bad haul.

I need to start bringing a camera right into the store. There was this thing Kim would have freaked for. It was an old cashregister. Like really super old with stand up keys and I honestly couldn't quite figure out how it was used, it hand a pull down crank and all. Interestingly, it was in the "office supplies" section, not the "adorable antique" section. As if someone was to come along and buy it for their store or something. I wish I could have taken a photo.

OH and Brian went back and got some edger trimmer thingie for the yard. So that's a good find too.


Kim H. said...

What great finds! You are right I would have FREAKED for the cash register!

Linda B said...

Excellent blue eyed tiger and wonderful carrot! These photos are now on my digital frame. Thanks kiddo....