Friday, July 18, 2008

Super Thrifty Friday

Today we went to the SAME thrift store we always go to. It's super close to the house and I always find stuff there. Here's a photo of it from across the street. I'm waiting at the longest red light in Jacksonville taking this shot.

And here is the awesome mural on the side of it.
They are having Christmas in July at my Thrift Store too. Here's something cool.
Here are my kids picking out books:
And here is what I bought today.
Here is the check machine. At Kim's suggestion I tried it out and it WORKS! I can print numbers!
Here are some old books. The swimming one is 1960, the rest are mid 1950's.

While I was shopping a lady came in and donated this!! I freaked out! I made them price it right away and sell it to me. It's a pattern AND fabric AND all the tools to make that mouse! The pattern is actually printed on the fabric. It's beautiful! There is even a needle and thread and yarn for a cool yarn tail and all the felt parts and stuff. It's 1973. I paid an entire dollar for it. I want to cry I love it so much.


Kim H. said...

AWESOME finds! Great photos!

Linda B said...

Wowwie you sure had a good day at the thrift! Our Humane Society Thrifts are excellent. I guess across the boards they are the rulers of thrifty goodness.