Friday, July 4, 2008

Santa, Sauce Bowl, Ashtray

I ended up at Gary's Old Curiosity Shop yesterday. He's going out of business, for a while anyway, and having 50% off everything in the store. I've been looking at this old 1950s Santa in there for a while and at half price, well.... And the sauce bowl/gravy boat is just like the one I grew up with, so that is handy. I didn't need the ashtray, but it has pressed roses on it and I do love roses. Big day of shopping, $6.00 grand total.


Lisa Purcell said...

He sure looks like a cheerful santa. :) I too, love thrift stores. Partly the bargain aspect, partly the hunt.

Linda B said...

Thrifting is all a treasure hunt for me. You just never know what you will find! Bargains, sure. The search is what makes it all fun. Linda B.