Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome New Writers!

I want to introduce you guys to two new ThriftFinds writers.

First is Kim H. Kim is a good friend of mine from my stamping world. She is a crazy brilliant designer. HERE is a link to her blog where you can read tons about her and what she does. One thing she does is hit thrift stores and garage sales. She gets all these wonderful odds and ends that she turns into great art. So of course I want her to share that stuff with us at Thrift Finds!

Second is Jeffrey Brown. Notice the last name? Yes? This is my step-brother. He's got a super fun eye for finding really, REALLY cool stuff. Seriously, he found a huge wax horse head a few weeks ago on the beach! Who finds that? Mom wouldn't let him keep it, apparently it was sticky from the sun. Anyhow that's the sort of awesomeness Jeffrey will be bringing us.

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Erin K said...

LOVE the strawberry thing! great finds@