Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Monogrammed silver flatware

Today's find, International Silver Company, 1950 Signature (also called Signature Rose) flatware. It's in great shape, and monogrammed. Service for eight (16 teaspoons which is nice) silver plated for less than stainless from a box store. The man at the Old Curiosity Shop even gave me a big discount when I pointed out that although the whole set is monogrammed "L", four teaspoons oddly are monogrammed "S". I figure since the L is for Linda (instead of my last name), the S is for my sister Sue when she comes down. We will have a tea party with the cups Erin got for me and Sue gets her very own monogrammed silver.
What is that oddly shaped spoon to the right of the knives for? I don't have another like it! Have I been serving some food incorrectly all this time???

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Sue said...

I am looking foeward to our tea party. I think it is cool that there is an L and an S.