Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday's Thrift Expedition

Friday was great. I took off with thrifty friends Marion and Patricia. We filled up the trunk of our car with goodies. Marion focused on clothes and got the capris that match the slacks, jacket and top she already had so she was lucky. She got lots of other bargains too. Patricia really cleaned up with all kinds of stuff, including a vintage hat stand/potential topiary form, beautiful glass lamp base.....

And I, naturally, found more art. I also got some great glasses (shaped like artichokes on stems), a robe, shoes (still for sale at Mephisto for $335, but I paid $5!!!), books... but yes, again, the art. I am obsessed with landscapes lately. Some of them seem magical to me like the huge oil I posted about two weeks ago. I agonized in Goodwill over two neat watercolors. One I loved, the other was clearly by the same artist but wasn't my favorite. But for $4.99 each I had to drag them home. Tonight I tore off the duck tape on the back of the frames, and realized it was there to cover rusty old nails. Got through that, got the back off the frames and found the paintings held in by masking tape, and something that looked like rotted electrical tape. You can see from the photo how the tape leached clear through the matting. I may have saved the art just in time. Anyway, flipping them over, they are signed D. Hill, Levittown NY 1951. Very cool since Jack had family there and still has one brother on Long Island that we visit from time to time. These are also identified as being studies of Nissequoque NY, which is very near one of our favorite towns on the north shore of LI, Port Jefferson. I'll be framing these up properly this week, and looking for wall space for them. Enjoy!

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Kim H. said...

WOW what great deals and I love the watercolor paintings! So cool!