Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida Melodies

Jack found this one yesterday when we stopped at the Hospice Thrift in Ft. Pierce after a morning of beachcombing. Twenty five cents, a steal just for the cover art! We still play our old vinyl on a turntable so there are crates and crates of old records here. About every other month we fire up the old "record player" and play the oldie but goodies. Even better for the light scratch or blip you hear now and then.

The back of the album is just chock full of information. This album was copyrited 1964 by YG records, Ft. Lauderdale and arranged for the 1964-65 World's Fair exhibit, "The Fabulous State of Florida". The jacket typos are great too, an example: " this album........."will long be remember for their hamonius cast......" two typos in one sentence! We are going to give this hamonius baby a spin this afternoon!

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