Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1953 "Family Heirloom Finger Painting"

It seems everyone is collecting old paint by number paintings. It made me remember this one, which my mother painted (with some help from my Dad) back in 1953. Yes, it's dated! This was before my time, but I do remember it hanging proudly over my Gramma's couch in the "front parlor" in the old family house. I grew up with this painting! Anyway, I called my uncle last week and sure enough, he remembered it (as the "family heirloom finger painting"), dug it out from somewhere in the house, and shipped it to me right away. Off to the framer with it tomorrow! Paint by numbers collectors, eat your hearts out! This one is all mine. It will never live in a thrift store. Painting size 18 X 24. Value to me: priceless!

1 comment:

Erin K said...

Finger painting? really? It's finger paints?

It's awesome though! :)