Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dining Room Table

I have been wanting a dining room table like this for a while. Just a good sturdy, sorta big wood table. I really wanted a HUGE one, that could seat like 10 people. Those are hard to find and really expensive. So I saw this one today at a garage sale for $20. SOLD! Stephen also negotiated these plastic grapes. He paid $1 for a ton of them. I'm not totally thrilled, as the boys like to pluck the grapes off and then I have plastic grapes all voer the place. The grape find might be hitting the garbage soon. Table's nice though. Oh and I actually like the mismatched chair look. I need one more looks like.
Having this table replace our HORRIBLE old table allowed us to put the terrible table on the back patio. So we can eat out there now. We are on the lookout for a patio table to put out there that's not wood of course. We are painfully cheap though, so having something for the mean time is nice.

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TJ said...

Congrats on the awesome find!