Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome to our new blog

Erin loves thrifting as much as I do, I think. It's in our blood. I remember long drives each spring from MA to FLA with a station wagon full of my brothers and sister. Dad's rest stops for relief were Salvation Army outlets and off the highway thrift stores. Seems to me like there were more of them back then. My sister is a devoted yard sale shopper, and Erin caught the bug from all of us as a toddler. I think of thrift store shopping as a treasure hunt. At least once a week I just have to get out there and see if there is any wonderful bargain calling my name - and most of the time there surely is. So here we go friends. We will show you our photos of what called to us most recently. I don't resell anything, only actually take home what I love, or what Erin or our friends will surely love. I can only imagine the goodies coming up on these pages!

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