Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sister Sue, A Good Thrifty Day

So today Patricia and I went thrifting in Vero. Sadly, as it is New Year's Eve, many favorite shops were closed or closed early.... we still made out well.

First, I saw this jacket in Oslo Road Goodwill, the very best thrift I've found in a long time! And then minutes later I found designer capris (in white which is never good in thrift??) in perfect shape ALL in Sister Sue's sizes. So, since her son, my nephew Nik, is getting married in St. Augustine (at the Lightner!) in June, I felt Sue needed new FLA friendly stuff. I think I did very, very well here! Total outfit, which she is in love with, head to knee, $4.00!!!????!!! Insaneooooo perfect!

Also got a lovely, lovely thing for Erin, which is, naturally, a secret. And jeans for me that fit like they were tailored to me, in a khaki brown.... for $1.50!!! Very cool day of thrifting. Except for the part where among her other lovely things, Patricia got a bottle brush tree, vintage.... for $.25? How on earth did I miss that one?

Anyway, loves to Sister Sue. You cleaned up today......And Happy New Year to ALL!!!!

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