Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chair for Patricia

Yesterday I saw this chair at Dogs and Cats thrift. I described it to Pat who is still in ALA, but I knew the chair wouldn't last till she got home for Christmas. So I went back when they opened and snagged it for $35. The lady had Jack help her learn how to set up their new store CD player, so she gave me the icicle ornament (Erin's style) and the elf free. He is either Snap, Crackle or Pop, anyway he lives with the other pixies now.

Pat's doing the FLA house over in "vintage Florida comfort style". Not kitschy, just relaxed old tropical sort of. Anyway, this chair will match everything she's got going on in the living room. Also, can you see in the close up, the needlepoint is signed, 1930 GS! Cool. And comfortable beyond belief.

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