Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas finds....

Here in WI with it being 7 degrees out and no yard sales in sight for a long long time. I took a trip to one of my thrift stores. Finding a few Christmas goodies:

- I think I know someone in need of Reindeer ...hmmmm

- I love this gnome/elf guy!

-I found this set of hand painted wooden ornaments that I thought were so cute.

One of my favorites

-Another one of my favorites!

I am hoping to get to this wonderful consignment shop downtown tomorrow! I have a hair appointment across the street from it! Wish me LUCK!


Erin K said...

Oh my goodness, I also know someone who needs some reindeer and she's gonna love those.

I love it all. :)

Linda B said...

Great finds! Love those reindeer! Good luck on your next trip.