Monday, November 10, 2008

More random junk

I love random junk! :)

Saturday we took the kids and went to garage sales and one Thrift Store. We are on the search for a new toy shopping cart for our Ethan who loves his even though it's falling apart. (got the original at a yard sale too!)
Some games (a little too old for our kids but we all love games so couldn't pass them up) a White Baby Tiger for Ethan, who loves tigers. Not shown is a plastic daggar for Stephen. The hair curlers are for Brian's Gram who can't find this type anymore. Fabric for me. (LOVE gray fabric) And these two cool boxes.

here is what they look like. One is for Kim, one for me. I think they used to have chocolates in them or something, but they are really fun and I figure we can hold some art stuff in them or something. Heck, they are almost cool enough to be hung on the wall. I feel like we got more... Oh a coffee pot. We don't drink coffee here at all, but when my parents come they like it, so I got a pot so they can use it when they come. Maybe something else I can't remember too.

We are having a garage sale next Saturday. It's thrown in with the neighborhood association, it will be in the parking lot of the radio station on the corner of Glenlea and Atlantic. Apparently tons of people participate and sell stuff and buy stuff. We are selling TONS of really cheap random stuff, not too much large stuff, just lots of random stuff. Books, kids toys, clothes (kid and adult) a few games, and then lots and lots of junk. Brian has some sports garbage in the pile too. It's from 8am to 12pm so check it out!


Kim H. said...

I love random junk too! SMILE! Those Boxes totally ROCK! So cool!

Linda B said...

Thank you, thank you, for the coffee pot! Instant coffee just does not do the trick!

Love, Mom.