Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitten, Yes Really, Kitten

So, I don't know how many local readers I have, but! If you want a kitty call me!!!! Some teenaged trick or treaters in our neighborhood picked up this darling kitten and were carrying it all over. About two weeks ago, Jack had to slam on brakes because this "black bobtailed kitten" was going all scared in the middle of the road near here! So sure enough, the cat is the same one. The kid holding it said it's a stray and all the neighbors feed it.... So yes, there is a new kitty in the Casa Brown holding garage. We took it to the vet to check for a microchip, alas, no luck there. And he totally de- fleaed it, which was a blessing to all of us. It seems to be a female, about five months old, cut off (but totally healed ) two inch tail stub, and charming as anything. She is a love bird, lap cat. She has an amazing personality, is friendly and purrs constantly. She also likes to "talk" to us.

We can't keep another cat, we have three already, who on good days only tolerate each other. Four is well over our limit. Animal control says I can hold her till next weekend and then try to adopt her out on my own. Or they will pick her up. And she will go to the pound. Where they will surely put her to sleep.

So local buddies, please help out! If you want her, call me! If you can find anyone who would give her a good home, call me!!!

Linda B

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CarolynArtist said...

We have 4!!! Otherwise I'd love the kitty! Hope she finds a home!