Tuesday, November 25, 2008

$100 Atlas... shrug

So I buy atlas's (I don't appreciate pluralization of words ending in "s") So anyhow I buy them. Whenever I see them. I cut them up and make envelopes out of them. It's an obsession.

Today I got a lovely red one at one of the thrift shops down here near mom's house. $3 which is about tops for what I'll pay.

Bring it home. Now it's LOVELY, red cover, the most beautiful art ever. Make some real nice envelopes. Mom protests. I offer it to her. She accepts.

Inside the atlas are news paper clippings just prior, days prior, to WWII. Mom will have to share those with you.

I go online to see if the atlas is worth anything, it is from 1963. Well at least one sold for $100. Mine, no, mom's, is in near perfect condition. Sigh. I guess she's right, no business cutting up $100 atlas for the making of paper crafts right?


I also got a huge box of buttons, apparently some are bakelite. By some I mean like 50-100 of them. So that's fun too.

I'm MOST excited about this little scrap of vintage fabric I got though.

Pics when I get back home.

Mom promised to blog the red $100 atlas.

Oh we named the cat, Sneaky Pie Brown. And it's not looking for a home any longer, it lives here at mom's.

hugs everyone in blog land. sorry to blog such cool finds with no pictures, I can't figure how to do them on mom's computer.

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