Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pile O' Junk for $2.50

Gotta love thrifting! So I stopped in at the local Humane Society Thrift Store. Stephen is on an EPIC search for Hungry Hungry Hippos game. EPIC people! I just wanted something to do. No HHH today. :( for him. But I did let the kids pick out books. Stephen picked this "wonderful you" book which is sorta darling. Ethan had a hard time so I picked him this board book about Jacksonville (our town). Then I found these huge bags of silk flowers. More on that in a moment. Some craft sticks for, you know, crafting and a chipmunk card that I will cut the image out of and make a new card for Marcia my mother-in-law with.
Not pictured was a huge bag of clay that the boys are playing with here.

And I do something like this with the silk flowers. I actually made a card with my new ones and I'll replace this photo with that one when I get around to taking the picture.

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