Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth Update

So, after thirty min . or so, Jack cleaned out the dryer. And the laundry room. And I vacuumed the house. And the wonderful; and it really was, before I killed it, throw, is now in our garbage can. But! The whole day was not a loss. I got the great book! Back Roads of New England!. I love that this artist came close; really, really close, to my old starting place. So, the book was worth it! And, I get to show off my beautiful Cleopatra again, because if she likes it, it must be interesting.

And my Mrs. Murphy, the gray and white tiger. She is my favorite, but don't tell the other cats! We have three, and the black and whites tend to gang up on The Murphalator. I can't imagine why.
And the first kitty, the Lilith. She is a force of her own. But, supposedly she is Cleo's sister. Hmmm, except for the black and white thing, they have nothing in common. I love all three. And I will NOT let in, the black juvenile that is hanging around (all the neighbors feed it) and I will not let in the gray and white tiger kitten that eats here. ( Okay, we feed it, it must move on!!!!!)

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