Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crafty Stuff

I really took the boys to the thrift store to kill time. Poor Stephen is still on his search for The Red Carpet book and Hungry Hungry Hippos game.

We only went to one store, the one we go to most often, The Humane Society of Jacksonville Thrift Store. Kid's book are all 4 for a dollar, so I let them pretty much get whatever they want. Today I did make them keep it to 4 each. I got a book for my Mother-In-Law, who loves those "search for the hidden pictures" type books. Then I hit the craft section. I found all this junk:

Let's see, tons of fabric. (been making softies, google it, there are TONS of sites on them) Polyfill for stuffing softies, a zipper in a fun green color, some nice buttons to use for eyes, and tons of the envelope size I use on my handmade cards. Oh and more silk flowers to rip apart and use as accents on cards.
Here is a close up on the fabric. I wanted to have lots of fabrics to be able to play with, but I'm not really good yet, so I didn't dare spend lots of money. This was perfect. One of those was just 5 cents! None was over a dollar. And some are fuzzy and stuff.

All this great loot was only $16! Gotta love that.

I need to go back though. There was this HUGE roll of stickers. I mean HUGE, must have been way over a thousand of them. They were large ovals with a rooster on them and they said, "Crafts with Attitude". How cool is that? I didn't get them because what on earth would I do with several thousand rooster chickens. Kim convinced me though. She said she'd take some off my hands, then I could sell them on Etsy too. You know, "20 craft rooster stickers for a buck" type thing. I really wanted like 100 of them. So I'm going to go back either after the boys wake up from naps or tomorrow and pick them up. Thing weighs like 5lbs.

If you need a handful of craft roosters let me know. I'll post here when I have them in hand and I can send you some. *yall blog readers can have them free*

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Kim H. said...

OMG that is great loot! Your kids books are 4 for a buck what a deal! I am looking for Curious George ones if you find any let me know!