Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lots of Thrift Gifts

Good friend Pat just came back to FLA from her second home in ALA. She thrifted a good deal while there and came home loaded with thrift gifts for everyone! She found Florida My Eden up there for me to give my nephew who recently moved here to FLA. She found the perfect hot air balloon beer glass for Jack, a Yankees book for Jeffrey, ornaments for me, and remember the teacups Erin got me? She located this sweet little covered pot in the exact same pattern! She says, "I see the beginning of a collection...". And the big banker's box? Filled with fabrics, zippers, ricrack etc, all for Erin! What a great friend!

And the other photo is of four Corelle Spring Blossom patterned dessert plates I located for Erin. She loved this set growing up, so I'm collecting her a few from my thrift travels. We all love what we had when we were kids.


Erin K said...

Awesome finds! This Erin person is sure lucky!

Kim H. said...

Great finds! I want new dishes! Dang right that Erin person is one lucky lady! SMILE