Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dishtowel Addiction

So my mom collects these dishtowels. She loves the botanical ones. I recently got her a Brussles one and she rejected it. So I used it and LOVE it. Then today I found this Cornish Pasties one.

Now there is a story about Cornish Pasties. My husband Brian served a mission for our church in England and Cornwall was part of his region. He LOVED Cornwall. Tons, I think he wants to visit there more than anywhere. He brought home all sorts of Cornwall turns of phrase and such. I have it in my mind as the most darling and charming spot of land in all of the British Isles. His favorite food from there are Cornish Pasties. He brought home a recipe. I tried to follow it but it was impossible. I don't know why but I got super heavy bland blobs.

So I saw this and had to get it: So I offically collect these. My unifying theme is "Place" As in I want them about places, cities, countries, states and so on. This one is really about a food, but the picture looks like Cornwall to me and it's a food deeply associated with a place for us.

Kim, heads up, these rock and we expect you to start collecting them too. I assign you "Birds". So to review, Mom = "Botanical" Erin = "Places" Kim = "Birds"

Welcome to the addiction.

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Linda B said...

Hold everything! I love the bird ones too!!! And I see place ones all the time so I will watch for you. Seriously, aren't they wonderful to use? They dry better than any modern ones. Just don't add bleach which I did and killed one of my favorites!