Friday, August 8, 2008

Twice in two days!

Yesterday I went to my Humane Society Thrift store. I didn't find a ton. I got my mom the Christmas Tree, I got Stephen a silly pool float because it was yellow and I got Ethan this tiger. I might have gotten something else but I can't remember.

Anyhow I noticed there that they had a digital programable thermostat in the package still and when I got home I noticed ours was broken! How odd. Anyhow I went back today to check it out. It looks good and was only $5. I peeked around more and found TONS more stuff to buy! I got two cake magazines, and one art book (which they insisted was a magazine because it's floppy so it was 25cents) A bunch of cool patterns, all the patterns there are 25cents. Love that! Also kit for making some nativity animals, stuffed ya know. It's cute, the fabric is all in there and it's screen printed, so I don't have to sew on details, they are on there. I figure it will be a fun quick project. A giant bag of kids crafts, something with a snowman it looks like. I'm going to donate that to Stephen and Ethan's Nursery class at church. And two notebooks of graph paper. I had been wanting some to sketch out quilt designs or whatever on. I noticed when I got home that one of them is actually two part transfer. Like if I sketch on one, it makes a carbonless copy on the second. so that's sorta cool. Oh and fabric, and a tiny embrodery hoop.... I think that's all.

Close up of the "magazines"
Here is the type of art in the art book
And another random page from the art book.
Mom's Christmas thingie she wanted.
close up of some sweet lace I got. 25cents for TONS of it.


Linda B said...

Thank you, thank you! I love my Christmas tree! And that book of posters looks really interesting too. How many tigers does Ethan have now?

Kim H. said...

You got great stuff! I love that book of posters! The tree is super cute! Great deals!

Paul Sears Photography said...

That poster book is so cool - my wife is an art history major and she would totally get into something like that.

Jenn said...

Oooooo, love that lace!