Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday yard sale day!

Saturday is a great yard sale day in my town! My hubby came home from work with a clipping from the paper. He said I think we need to go to this yard sale in the morning! I was like OK! It had clothes for the boys and Thomas the Train stuff!

So, we headed out this am. I have to say that I hate going thirfting with my hubby. Not because he questions what I want to get, but because he does not stop at ones I want to stop at! We only went to TWO sales today! me there was lots of sales to pick from too! Tons of them.

The first one- the one that we had the clipping for. We got a ton of cheap clothes for the boys. I will not bore you with a photo of them. We got camouflage snow pants for Sam for $2. Yippee! Ben got 4 Thomas the train books-for a quarter a piece!

The next sale we went to was a GOLD mine. Well for us it was- they had tons of Playmobil stuff pretty cheap. Sam and Ben have wanted the airplane and airport for a while. The airplane is like almost $60 a lone! :FAINT: They had the airplane , airport, horses, kitties and doggies, boats, horses, and a then they say we have all this police stuff too....well we ended up getting everything for $16. Which is a total steal! Some thing are missing but you know they would have probably lost some of the stuff anyways.

We have everything all cleaned up and ready to play with! Yippee! What a fun night we are going to have!


Jed said...

WOW! The playmobile stuff was a steal! I keep saying one day I'll have time to check out some sales and find that "goldmine"

Erin K said...