Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art and Thrift Gift!

First, Pat found this aluminum baby Christmas tree for me! A thrift gift! I love these things. I can't wait to decorate it . I'm building my herd of flocked reindeer to pull my plastic Santa in his sleigh, and they will parade under this tree this year.

And the watercolor was at House of Hope. It's twenty six by twenty inches. I love the fall colors in it and if you look very closely, two people are walking to the right of the bridge! I bet Kim is going to want this one when she sees it!

While we were out shopping down here, Erin called from her thrift store. She found me another thrift gift tree that I hope she will post too. It's one of those ceramic light up trees. Can't wait to see it!


Kim H. said...

OH MY HEAVENS that is a gorgeous Watercolor! WOW, I LOVE it!

Love the little tree too!

Anonymous said...

All u need now is the color wheel. remember when our tree turned colors?

Linda B said...

Hey anonymous sister Sue! Yes, I remember the color wheel. And the plastic bells and UFOs and Sputnik ornaments. Those were good days. I love you.