Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wicker Goodies

Last week, before the flu overwhelmed our home, I found this great old wicker fern stand at Dogs and Cats for $7.00. I know that is a hoya in it, there are no pretty, fresh ferns to be found right now at the garden shops. But I keep looking. It was white and gray peeling paint, and I had a can left of Nutmeg satin spray paint left from when I did last year's wicker table (which the kitties think is a very pretty cat bunkbed). So on the pool deck, pretty, freshened up, nutmeg colored wicker goodies!! The cat bunkbed/table was even less than the fern stand, if I remember correctly, about $5!


Erin K said...

All your thrift finds come with kitties! It must be that store you shop at. :)

Linda B said...

They send me shopping for kitty comfort things. That is why I need ferns now, because they think that fern stand is an elevated kitty bed. Once I get the ferns, they will be certain I bought them edible greenery.

Marina said...

great job with the painting: they look wonderful! apparently the kitty feels the same way.
How is Wilbur?